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Election Reform

Our democracy faces numerous threats and challenges. Some are new and some are as old as the country itself, but all demand a response. Successful election reforms require proactive analysis, expert drafting, informed strategy, and attention to political realities. We can help. Contact us if you want to enact redistricting reforms, strengthen voting rights, adopt ranked choice voting, reduce the influence of money in politics, promote impartial election administration, or pursue any other reforms to improve our democracy.


A transparent, inclusive, and collaborative redistricting process is essential to secure fair representation. And so is good counsel. Redistricting is governed by several competing constraints under federal and state constitutional and statutory law. Whether you are a commission or jurisdiction charged with drawing a map, a court selecting a special master, or a group of voters seeking to ensure your voice counts, we can help you understand what the law requires and what it means for representation in your jurisdiction.

Constitutional Law

Federal and state constitutional doctrines profoundly shape the law of democracy, the rights of voters, and the paths available for reform. Some rules and cases are shaped by provisions protecting expression and association, equal protection, and free and fair elections; others are governed by broader structural principles such as federalism and the separation of powers. We have represented merits parties and amici in major constitutional cases in federal and state courts, including the U.S. Supreme Court and several state supreme courts. And we counsel litigants and reformers alike on how to anticipate, navigate, and leverage federal and state constitutional law in support of more representative, responsive, and responsible government.

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