A Mission-Driven Law Firm

For More Representative Government

Parsons Law is dedicated to empowering clients who are making government more representative, responsive, and responsible through their work.

Most firms in the election law space represent partisan clients pursuing partisan interests. Parsons Law represents and advises nonpartisan clients and clients from across the political spectrum who are working to make government more representative.

We work with nonprofit organizations pursuing reforms that protect voting rights, improve our elections, and deepen our democracy. We work with redistricting commissions and jurisdictions seeking to draw fair, lawful maps. We work with voters fighting to have their voices heard.

Deep Knowledge, Strategic Thinking

Election law is a complex and constantly shifting area of law. Clients must navigate sharp political pressures and anticipate the direction of new rules and decisions.

At Parsons Law, we combine creative, critical, and strategic thinking with a fluent command of the field. We draw on a broad range of experience to offer unique insights at the intersection of law and democracy. We see emerging risks and opportunities, help our clients understand the issues, and create a roadmap for success.

Empowering Partnerships

Fair representation requires more than showing up on election day–it requires showing up every day. Our clients know that democracy demands constant commitment, attention to detail, and daily action.

For clients, we work to quickly understand your goals, advance your mission, and provide clear, actionable advice. We believe in close collaboration and open communication. And we can work hand in hand with your team on an ongoing basis or offer insights and assistance as needed.

For counsel, we offer immediate election law experience and expertise through consulting and co-counseling arrangements so you can provide your clients with quick, effective, and cost-conscious representation in election cases and advice about election law issues. We can vet your arguments and anticipate counters, provide feedback and drafting assistance with memoranda and briefs, and help you build a case theory that avoids unexpected results or unintended consequences.


We quickly understand your goals and chart a path to achieve them.


We make complex legal and political terrain easy to understand.


We anticipate and respond to political pressures and constraints.

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If you need a partner that can provide strategic counsel on election law issues, we are here to help. Contact Parsons Law today and schedule a time to connect. We look forward to working with you to make government more representative.